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Smackdown 31st July 2003
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_clasx
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Kurt Angle / Brock Lesnar / Vince McMahon
Rey Mysterio w/ Kidman vs Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas
Chris Benoit vs Rhino (Rhino Backstage Changes Match, New Opponent)
Chris Benoit vs Doink The Clown
Noble Sleep Over Part 1 (Noble / Nidia / Torrie Wilson)
Funaki / Spanky / Angle / Lesnar
Eddie Guerrero vs Tajiri
Josh Matthews (UK Segment Host)
Torrie Wilson On Boat In Tokyo?
Matt Hardy & John Cena Eating & Cooking In Tokyo?
Zack Gowen vs Shannon Moore w/ Matt Hardy
John Cena Speaks
John Cena vs Orlando Jordan
Noble Sleep Over Part 2 (Noble / Nidia / Torrie Wilson / Gunn)
Vince McMahon / Brock Lesnar
Sable Introduction Of Match
A-Train & Big Show vs Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle
BONUS: 97 caps of the Sleepover from Uncut Late Night

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Caps: 486
Part 1 (14.88mb)

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yay torrie xx snagging of course thankies

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