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Raw 28th July 2003
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_clasx
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Vince McMahon
Booker T & Scott Steiner w/ Stacy Keibler vs Test & Christian
Summerslam Press Conference (Goldberg vs HHH)
Goldberg vs Stevie Richards?
Goldberg / Evolution / Eric Bischoff
Val Venis vs Rico w/ Miss Jackie
Eric Bischoff / Sherriff's Van?
Highlight Reel: Jericho / Orton / HBK / Nash
Kevin Nash vs Chris Jericho
Hurricane & Rosey
Eric Bischoff / Sherriff's
Summerslam Beach Ad (Brock Lesnar & Shark)
Dudley Boyz Commentary
La Resistance vs Cade & Jindrak
Dudleys / La Resistance Fight
Eric Bischoff / Kanes Arrival In Sherriff's Van Chained Up
Womens Title: Gail Kim (c) vs Molly Holly
Vince McMahon / Kane / Austin / Shane McMahon
Shane Knocks Kane Off Stage Area (End Show)

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Caps: 424
Part 1 (13.31mb)

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Psycho!Kane! Snagged - thankies!

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