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Smackdown - 24th July 2003
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_clasx
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Stephanie McMahon / John Cena / Sable
Steph Searches for Sable, Finds Torrie Wilson
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
Stephanie Attacks Sable w/ Vince (Famous Limo Strip Attack - CENSORED)
Jamie Noble vs Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson
SD Unleashed In The East Pics (Torrie, Angle, Cena/Hardy Cooking, Others)
APA / A-Train / Brawler (Not as Brawler, sorry forgot name)
Eddie Guerrero / Chris Benoit
Eddie G vs Rhyno
APA In Iraq
Josh Matthews (UK Segment Introducing)
Zach Gowen / Vince / Angle / Brock Lesnar
Vengeance Matches
Big Show & WGTT vs Zack Gowen & Brock Lesnar w/ Angle (End Show)
Stephanie & Cena In Ring Uncut Caps (Cena Slaps Steph's Ass)
Steph Attack Sable (More caps - CENSORED)
Torrie Wilson At Ringside w/ Gunn (More Caps of Torrie)
John Cena Cuts Promo On Undertaker Inside Fire Symbol

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Caps: 358
Part 1 (11.80mb)

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Yayyy xxxx Thank you snagging for sure for sure ^__^

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