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Raw - 21st July 2003
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_clasx
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Eric Bischoff / Linda McMahon / Stone Cold
Trish & Gail Kim vs Victoria & Molly w/ Stevie Richards
Terri Interviews Jericho
Randy Orton vs Val Venis
Triple H / Goldberg / Evolution
Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels w/ Ric Flair
Lance Storm
Kane Arrives Chained Up
Tribute To The Troops
Booker T vs Test (Christian Watches Backstage)
Steiner & Stacy Keibler Tease Test On Ramp With Strip/Dance
Dudleys/Jindrak & Cade/Hurricane & Rosey/Maven/Goldust
Kane Comes Out Chained
Kane vs RVD
Kane Tombstones Linda McMahon On Stage Area (End Show)

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Caps: 324
Part 1 (11.13mb)

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Funny how now the name "Test" just leaps out from that list, huh?

Took this one, so I can remember the good times - thanks!

Snagging ^_^ oh how i love new old photos

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