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Caps of Classic Shows of Wrestling

WWE Vengeance 2003
goodieuk wrote in wrestling_clasx
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Heres the PPV that should have come before the last 2 shows. The PPV is in 1 full set of caps (not split as done later I did). The Bonus 2 sets are split in seperate folders inside zip.

PPV: (727 Caps)
US Title Final: Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit (Rhino Appears)
Vince & Stephanie McMahon Backstage
Billy Gunn vs Jamie Noble Preview
Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson vs Jamie Noble
APA / Funaki Backstage
APA Bar-Room Brawl
Jamie Noble Checks Torrie's Playboy Mag
SD Tag Titles: Mysterio/Kidman vs WGTT
(Bonus 1 Pic = Charlie Sticking Tongue Out At End)
Sable vs Stephanie McMahon
Undertaker vs John Cena
Zack Gowen vs Vince McMahon
Josh Mathews Interviews Eddie Guerrero
Triple Threat WWE Title: Big Show vs Angle vs Lesnar
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9 Promo Match Pictures
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30 Stephanie McMahon Pictures

766 Caps from WWE Vengeance PPV 2003Collapse )